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Torturously Heart-Wrenching

This yearly bidding of goodbyes is torturous! 😭

There’s no getting used to it even though we know that this is what is likely to happen every year in a workplace like ours.

People come, people go! Some decide to stay a little longer (like me and a few of my friends who have been here for almost 5 years now), some for a year only, and a few others might stay for just one semester especially if they’re having health problems (a common reason why people decide to leave halfway through the academic year).

Goodbyes usually happen at the end of Spring semester, which is the end of an academic year. However, since life is full of surprises, people sometimes leave after the Fall semester which is around this time of the year.

When that happens, you get mixed emotions especially when the ones leaving are people closest to your heart. When they leave because of a better opportunity somewhere else, you’re happy for them but you’re also sad because you didn’t expect not seeing them around anymore next semester. It’s like your mind was already unconsciously programmed to see them for at least one more semester, but now you won’t because they’re leaving in the middle of the academic year. Bummer!

Well, I think that’s true everywhere, but it’s more real in workplaces like ours because it’s not a place where most people would decide to settle down, plus the fact that you couldn’t or would rather NOT make that decision even if you wanted to because it’s not an easy option in the first place. China doesn’t grant permanent residency to common people who might want to stay. They do grant permanent residency but only under a few special circumstances.

Therefore, it’s normal that people would simply come and go! But despite knowing that, it stings still when you see them go. ☹️

Oh, the life of an overseas worker!


How about you? What do you find a little torturous in your life right now? What is something in your life that happens so often yet you never get to being used to it?


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A Decade in Review

Where did the last 10 years go?

2010: Left my job and went to IGSL

2014: Graduated from IGSL

2015: Left for China for a one-year Oral English teaching job at Sias University

2016: Signed a 2-year contract (same school)

2018: Signed a 3-year contract (same school)

2019: Started teaching a CbyD course for Fall 2019 (same school)

Today: Still in China and halfway through my 3-year contract. Yay!

Thinking about this made me realized that I’ve spent half of the previous decade in China; only in China, particularly at Sias! (Hmmm, I wonder if that’s a good thing or not. Haha!)

Before coming to China for the first time, I thought I’d be here for 3 years only. Now I’ve been here for almost five years. How things have changed! How I’ve changed! I never thought I’d managed to be away from the Philippines this long. But I guess I’ve grown to consider China as my second home now. I don’t know how long I’d be here still, but I think I wouldn’t mind staying for a few more years. Who knows! (Well, we know WHO!) 😉


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