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A Temporary Escape

Now that we don’t go outside as much as possible to avoid getting infected by the novel coronavirus, going through some of the photos I took from my winter break travels last year had become a form of temporary escape.

I wish I could be somewhere else and not feeling stuck here scared of what the next days might bring.

However, looking at these photos somehow gives me a sense of hope. They somehow remind me that our days are not going to be sunny, bright, or clear all the time like those days I was in Sanya last January.

Or that life is not always going to be as
 colorful as the cave lights at Guilin’s Seven Star Cave


At times the sky might be dim and gloomy like those of Yangshuo’s and other parts of Guilin when I went there last February.

Yet even the absence of a bright, sunny sky couldn’t hide the beauty of God’s wonderful masterpiece.

Other times we forget that every sunset means a new dawn is going to come – a new dawn that brings new hope, new promises, new potentials and new possibilities!

true that our situation here in China can get scary as we read reports of increasing confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection, but sometimes I do need to remind myself that this is just part of the lows of life. This is just one of those gloomy days when the sun refuses to come out.

When everything gets sorted out and the virus isn’t a threat anymore, then we can enjoy going outside again without having to worry about getting ill.

No matter how many times I say that I’m an introvert and that I can be content just staying inside my room all day, I do look forward to being able to step outside any time I want!


This way past midnight reflective post with square photos is brought to you by Squares of BeckyB of Winchester. Thanks Becky for the #januarylight square photo challenge! I had so much fun!

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One Magical Day

More squares from Shanghai Disneyland. These are what I’d like to call “Disney lights.” 😊


This post is brought to you by Squares of BeckyB of Winchester. Click on this link if you want to join in:

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Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

More squares for #januarylight! 😁

Today, my friends and I went to Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai to take a closer look at the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Here are some photos of China’s second tallest TV and radio tower:

Before dark:

After dark:

And here are some other square photos with lights from different parts of Shanghai:

At a Vietnamese restaurant
At McDonald’s (Lujiazui branch)
Skating rink near the Oriental Pearl Tower
Somewhere along the streets of the downtown area
Decorative pieces at a restaurant in downtown Shanghai

: Some square photos of me and my friends as we explored Shanghai today. 😄


That’s all for now. Happy weekend everyone! 😊😊😊