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It Wasn’t That Bad!

I’ve always disliked the idea of eating out alone. I once told a friend that I’d rather stay in and eat in my room than go out and sit at a restaurant or cafeteria alone.

So in my almost 5 years here in China, I’ve never gone out to eat alone. If I didn’t have company, I had always managed to order food online or cook my own food when I had time to spare.

But guess what? Tonight I managed to sit and finish my meal at a cafeteria ALONE!

Maybe for some this is nothing, but for me this is a BIG thing. I’ve always avoided this scenario because I’ve always thought that it looks so sad and lonely to eat out alone. Eating out should be with family and friends.

It wasn’t that bad at all actually! It was kinda nice to eat and just enjoy my food without the “sort of” pressure of having to engage in a conversation when you’re eating out with a group of friends.

I’m writing about this because this is a conquered fear for me. Maybe for some this may sound too shallow and insignificant, but for me, and maybe for a few others out there who could relate with me, this moment is a moment of victory! I feel like I’ve slain a dragon that’s been a source of fear and anxiety, perhaps some kind social anxiety to be more precise.

So if you’re like me who have always feared eating out at a restaurant or cafeteria alone for whatever reason, go out and enjoy some really good food! It’s kind of rewarding actually! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

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Haikou: Feels Like Home

I’m happy I came to Haikou to learn Chinese for two weeks. My lessons just started today, so in the past three days I had a chance to explore Haikou a bit.

I still can’t believe how if feels like home being here because of the many plants I see that are similar to the ones we have in the Philippines. Most of those plants actually remind me of my childhood days since I grew up in the countryside.

Just grateful to be in a place that reminds me of home a lot.

Here are some photos from the past three days:






Excited to learn more!!! 😊 

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Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019!

2018, you’ve finally come to an end;

You’ve taught me a lot, that’s for sure;

But you also brought me so much pain in the process, that’s undeniable;

Nonetheless, I’m thankful for everything we’ve been through together.


The whole year with you was certainly a rollercoaster ride;

You taught me humility through many humbling circumstances;

You brought me joy through friends and family who love me tirelessly;

But you broke my heart through many unmet expectations and unexpected losses.


Our journey together started with many unresolved conflicts;

Conflicts within myself and conflicts with people around me or even with those far away;

It began with a sense of defeat and an undeniable sense of hopelessness;

But to my surprise, I started to see a glimpse of hope before we bid each other goodbye.


So thank you for all the life lessons I’ve learned with you;

Thank you for all the wonderful and unforgettable adventures we went through;

Thank you for both the laughter and tears we shared together;

And thank you for all the fun memories I could take with me as I welcome 2019.


Now, a whole new year lies ahead;

It’s uncertain what 2019 has for me;

But I’ll choose to cling to that glimpse of hope I started to see;

And continue to believe that God always knows what’s best for me.


So friends, regardless of how 2019 unfolds life for you and me;

It is my prayer that we will continue to cling to our SOURCE of everything;

HE loves us all despite all our weaknesses and failures;

So may we all continue to trust HIM no matter what 2019 throws at us, okay? πŸ˜‰


And remember, you are never alone!

Look around and you will see the blessings God has showered you with;

Love them and cherish every moment with them while it lasts;

And live each day as if it’s your last because we never know what tomorrow brings for us.