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Yet You Have Not Returned to Me

I just read Amos 4 and I can’t help but wonder if God would say the same phrase to us today, “yet you have not returned to me.”

Here’s a screenshot of verses 6 to 13 of Amos 4:

It is striking how God repeatedly told the Israelites of all the things He caused to happen yet the Israelites refused to return to Him.

Considering our world today where stubbornness, selfishness, entitlement, and love for money are prevalent, I wonder if God would say the following:

“I have caused natural disasters to occur, yet you have not returned to me.”

“I have permitted wars to devour your nations and strip you of your prosperity, yet you have not returned to me.”

“I have allowed Covid to cause havoc worldwide, yet you have not returned to me.”

And I’m sure there are a lot more that God could mention in order to emphasize how we have wandered away from His will and have chosen to live our lives our own way despite the many things that He did or allowed to happen to remind us all of who He is (see verse 13 for some of His attributes) and of His longing for all of us to “return” to Him.

I pray that we all would come to our senses and realize that God wants nothing more than for all of the people of the world to know Him deeply, to worship Him truly, and to give their lives to Him wholeheartedly. Only then can God work in our lives and give us the abundant life Jesus mentioned in John 10:10 (NASB):

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly.