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Let’s Spread Love, Shall We?

When I first heard about how Chinese people are being bullied because of the novel coronavirus outbreak that first started in Wuhan, I made a choice not to get involved in any way. I told myself that I’ll just stay away from saying anything about all the bullying and social media bashing. It’s not worth picking a fight and who cares about what I’m going to say anyway! So I kept my silence even after hearing a few more incidents of Chinese being bullied simply because they’re Chinese or because the new type of coronavirus was first identified in China.

But tonight, I had enough. I can’t continue staying away from this anymore. Whether my voice gets heard or not, I’ll speak my mind about this matter. So I’d like to share my two cents about this spreading hate towards the Chinese if you can spare me some of your time!

Did they want this to happen?

Before we continue pointing fingers or bullying the Chinese for the novel coronavirus outbreak, let’s remember that this coronavirus is “new.” Before the outbreak happened, nobody knew that this virus existed. WHO’s Disease outbreak news dated 5 January 2020 says that,

On 31 December 2019, the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China.

So the people who got infected by this virus did not know that they had been infected by a “new” coronavirus, let alone know that once they get infected by this virus, they can spread it to others.

The people who were/are sick because of this virus were/are victims of this virus, too. Let’s not forget that! We can blame them all we want for the spread of the virus, but that happened because nobody knew about this novel coronavirus before.

Imagine hearing from your doctor that you’re sick because of a “new” virus.

Imagine losing a family member because of this novel coronavirus outbreak.

Imagine feeling “trapped” inside your own house because you cannot go anywhere. The government temporarily shut down local transportation to reduce the risk of spreading the new virus, so people without private cars probably have no other choice but to just stay home.

Do you think that’s fun? 

Do you think they enjoy being stuck in their own house, city, or province?

Do you think they wanted this to happen to them?

I’m sure it’s safe to say that they didn’t. The people who were sick, those who have been sick, the family members of those who lost their loved ones because of the virus, and the many others who are affected because of the outbreak PROBABLY did not expect that all these are going to happen in a very short span of time.

So instead of blaming them, maybe finding ways how to help these people who are directly affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak is a better response, isn’t it?

Is it right for anybody to bully any Chinese?

I can’t wrap my head around people’s comments like, The Chinese deserve all these!”

I don’t understand how people can easily say that the Chinese are uneducated peoplethat’s why this outbreak happened. Yes, there are possibly uneducated Chinese in mainland China, but isn’t that true anywhere in the world? Some countries probably have a higher percentage of educated people compared to others, but I would assume that they would also have a population of “uneducated people.”

I’m not Chinese, but my heart goes out to all the Chinese citizens in China and other parts of the world who’ve been bullied, bashed, or even physically hurt because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. I don’t think it’s right for anybody to bully or hurt any Chinese just because they’re Chinese or because their country first detected a new virus.

I hope we would start having compassion for the Chinese rather than bullying or bashing them.

Imagine if this virus was first detected in your own country. How would you react if people blamed you for the outbreak? How would you feel if people bullied you just because the new virus was first detected in your country? For all we know, this virus might have been around in other countries for some time already but they were just unable to detect the new virus. I know I’m speculating, but it can be possible, don’t you think?

Hate is as contagious as a virus 

So my plea is simple: Let’s spread love, not hate!

I know that sounds like a cliché, but isn’t it more humane to spread love than uninformed rumors and hate against anyone?

Instead of bullying the Chinese, why don’t we find ways to help them?

Instead of blaming them, why don’t we offer a listening ear to their struggles, their sufferings, and their losses so we can better understand their situation?

Instead of bashing them, why don’t we send them messages to cheer them up or better yet write them a prayer to encourage them?

Hate is like a virus than can easily “infect” someone else’s heart. Instead of influencing others to hate the Chinese because of the coronavirus outbreak, let’s be “carriers” of the antidotes of the “hate-virus.” Let’s be “carriers” of love, sympathy, generosity, kindness, and compassion.

I hope this post could somehow help us see this novel coronavirus outbreak and the Chinese people (individually and as a country) in a new light!

Stay safe everyone and have a blessed week ahead! 



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