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Subscribe and Be Blessed

I’ve been meaning to write about this podcast I’ve been listening to for a while now but couldn’t find the right time to do so.

I think today is the perfect time for this because the prompt for JusJoJan January 13th, 2020 is “subscribe.” Another reason why today is the perfect day is because I just heard today that they are giving away $100 (yes, that’s right) this month to one of those who would post about their favorite episodes from their podcast. Who would not want to try getting $100? 😁

This is what people would say as “hitting two birds with one stone,” haha! 😜

So the name of the podcast is Simplify Complexity: Christian Relationship Advice & Help. This is the link to their website:

They are on Spotify and Apple podcasts, too. I believe you can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Just search for them using Simplify Complexity: Christian Relationship Advice & Help.

I’ve been listening to this podcast on Spotify for quite a while now. They talk about relationships. It had helped me a lot in understanding what relationship really is. Listening to their episodes had shown me where I am at when it comes to my heart and perspective about being in a relationship.

I’ve listened to almost all their episodes. I’ve got a few favorites but one of them is the latest one I’ve listened to which was their 100th episode.

If you’re looking for a podcast that is worth your time, I recommend that you subscribe to this podcast. I believe you’d be blessed whether you’re single, married, divorced, or in a complicated relationship.

Hope you enjoy listening to them, too!

This post that I find a very timely one is brought to you by JusJoJan January 13th, 2020.

Click on this link to join in. It’s fun, I tell ya! ☺️

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