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Goodbyes are Temporary

Here it comes again – a time of the year when you need to say goodbye to some friends, both old and new. 😭

This is that time of the year when goodbyes are said and tears are shed. It’s a time when you feel that the going away of those special people in your life had left a hole in your heart and there’s no telling when you’ll get to see them again.

This is a sad time of the year, but today I realized that even goodbyes are temporary.

Goodbyes are temporary y’all! We might not see each other again in this lifetime, which makes me really sad right now, but hopefully we’ll see each other again in eternity where there’s no more goodbyes and no more reasons to cry over people leaving us behind.

For now I would say though that no matter how many times we say goodbye to people we love and care about, there’s no getting used to it. It always hurts and leaves us longing to see them again, hopefully some time soon.

But then again, goodbyes will not last forever. Even goodbyes are temporary!


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An Asset or a Threat?

I’ve heard differing opinions about women with strong personalities. Others say they’re admirable for being strong, but to some, they might seem too much to handle.

I’ve always been labeled as a woman with a strong personality. And I won’t deny that. It has a lot to do, I think, with the things I experienced while growing up. But sometimes what I don’t understand is that people only see that side of me. Yes, I am that, but I’m more than that. I’d like to believe that I am more than just my strong personality. I think having a strong personality is just one part of me, it’s not all of me. Would you agree?

So when people judge me because of my strong personality, I feel like they’re disregarding the other qualities I have which also greatly contribute to who I really am.

But then, over the years, I’ve learned to accept that what really matters is who I believe I am. People can label me with however they want to see me or however they’ve chosen to perceive who I am, but I know better now. Now I know where my real value and identity come from. I’m not gonna change myself to satisfy other’s limited view or understanding of me. Along with that is a day by day decision I’m choosing to make – to treat people the way I know I should regardless of how they view or treat me, good or bad, and to give myself more time to get to know a person well before forming my judgment about who they really are.

Lastly, I’ve had encounters with men who view women with strong personalities as somewhat a threat (to I’m not sure what – their sense of security or to their leadership role?). Either or both, should I say?

So in the past few years of my life, I’ve learned to accept that if a man sees me as a threat because I have a strong personality, then so be it. I don’t need to convince anyone that I am more than just having a strong personality. I guess anyone who is threatened by that is simply not a good fit for me. And I don’t have to waste my time with them or being around them because no matter what I do, they will only see me as someone with a strong personality, and a threat.

I’d like to believe that I am not alone in this struggle (if it’s fitting to call it that way). So if you are finding yourself able to relate to what I’ve just said, be encouraged and stop being hard on yourself for having a strong personality. Gurl, you are more than who you think you are or who people made you believe who you are. Does that statement make sense? Haha! I think it does, doesn’t it?

Anyway, cheer up! Stop asking yourself what’s wrong with you when men lose interest in you after seeing your strong personality. It’s not your lose. I wouldn’t say it’s their lose either, but maybe you’re not just meant for each other. Maybe you’re meant for someone who is secure in his identity and value in Christ, just like who you pursue to become – secure in your identity and value in Him. When you meet that man, he would see you as an asset; thus, he would want you to be on his side. He would see your strong personality as something beneficial, not harmful or threatening, to his own growth.

So gurl, keep growing and keep allowing God to shape you into who you really are in His sight – precious, loved, forgiven, with a greater purpose (perhaps even more than what you could ever imagine). Allow Him to use your strong personality to bring Him glory day by day. Don’t let people’s limited and sometimes biased view of you get in the way of fulfilling what God has in store for you.

You got this, gurl! Continue to learn and grow. Keep trusting God’s amazing plans for your life, and never ever let other people dictate who you think you are. God wonderfully made you the way you are for a reason and a purpose! See the source image