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That “Age” Conversation AGAIN

I’m gonna talk about this certain topic again because a friend brought it up today. So I’m kinda curious what you guys think about this (if you have time to read through till the end).

People say, “Age doesn’t matter,” which I think are usually empty words. Why? Because, in reality, people do look at other people’s age when they decide whether a person is a “potential subject” of interest or not.

I for one was one of those people when I was younger. I used to strongly dislike the idea of dating younger men because of all my “prejudices” against them until I met younger men who were really mature for their age. Somehow it changed how I view men, at least, to not judge them based on their age.

Why am I talking about this? Because now that I’m older, I find myself time and again being put on the other end of the spectrum. I’ve met people who seemed to have an interest in “getting to know me” in the beginning but when they found out how old I was, the interest dwindled then disappeared. My worth was then reduced to basically my “age.”


Is my worth all about a number? Is my value as a person and as a woman simply based on my age?


I know myself better now. I know my worth is not simply attached to my age, of course, but at times I just think it’s unfair to judge the value of any woman based on their age. It goes for men, too. We cannot categorize them based on their age. In the same way, women should not be “judged” based on their age (young or old) because age is really just a number. Every person is more than the number that symbolizes their length of existence on earth, don’t you think? It’s simply a number, really. I can say that now based on my observations over the years. I understand there are other factors involved that are related to age, but really, is that all that matters? If we disregard the idea of getting to know a person better because of their age, aren’t we reducing their worth to a number? Shouldn’t we look beyond the age and get to know “WHO” the person really is, beyond the number, beyond the appearance, beyond other outward attributes?


So when I hear people say “Age doesn’t matter,” I think they don’t really mean what they say.


What do you think? Does age really matter? Would you disqualify anyone based on their age? Would you judge a person’s worth and value based on a mere number?