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Running Away No More

Sometimes I think I know what’s best for me;

But the truth is, I’m helpless without Your grace;

Sometimes I behave as if I know better than You do;

But I’m actually nothing apart from You.


When life gets confusing or tough, I tend to run away;

From the chaos, the uncertain, or anything that can cause me pain;

But through the years, You’ve taught me how to be strong, how to face my fears;

So now I’m ready, not to run away, but to face what tomorrow may bring.


So I’ll stay right where I am trusting Your faithfulness and grace;

I know I can stand strong because You are with me in this race;

Despite the many uncertainties the future may bring on this road I’m taking;

By Your grace, I’ll put my trust in You and in Your promises I’ll cling.


So please teach me to trust You more when the future is quite unknown;

Remind me to seek Your guidance when I need to make decisions – big or small;

When I’m wrestling with conflicting emotions, help me to find comfort in your presence;

May the peace that surpasses all understanding be mine as I come to You in prayer.


May Your joy, Oh LORD, be the strength of my weary, troubled soul;

May Your Word be the lamp to my feet and the light to every path I take;

May You make my path straight as I trust You with all my heart;

May Your will be done in my life as I surrender everything to You, my Saviour and my God.

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Haikou: Feels Like Home

I’m happy I came to Haikou to learn Chinese for two weeks. My lessons just started today, so in the past three days I had a chance to explore Haikou a bit.

I still can’t believe how if feels like home being here because of the many plants I see that are similar to the ones we have in the Philippines. Most of those plants actually remind me of my childhood days since I grew up in the countryside.

Just grateful to be in a place that reminds me of home a lot.

Here are some photos from the past three days:






Excited to learn more!!! 😊 

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Lessons from 2018: Gratefulness

Based on my own experience, one of the things that hinder us from being grateful is our “wanting for more.”

I’m not saying it’s bad to want more of things, but when it becomes our “main” focus, it takes our eyes away from the precious things in life that we already have and we become ungrateful.

I actually thought I was already a grateful person (haha!), but last year’s experiences showed me that there was something in my heart that wasn’t right. When we want more of the things we already possess, when we want more attention from people, be it from family or friends, when we want more praises or recognition from people around us, we lose sight of the many reasons why we should be grateful.

Growing up with many insecurities, I’ve always longed to be validated by people around me, especially by people I care about. I’ve always wanted to feel secure about where I stand in their lives. When I feel or see that they don’t treat me or value me the way I expected them to behave, I take offense at it or I feel bad about myself. It would always make me feel that people don’t love me enough because I am not worth loving or that I am not worth their precious time. And then I become sad and I would start to question my worth and value as a person. And that has been the cycle for many years.

But God has never stopped reminding me of who I am in His sight. When those times come when I feel that I am not loved enough or cared for by people I expect to love me and care for me, God allowed me to see that I have other friends who have been there for me in good times and in bad. When insecurities start creeping in, God reminded me over and over again that my worth is not based on how other people see me or treat me or ignore me. My worth and value are solely based on who He designed me to be and who I have – JESUS.

Jesus is truly the lover of our soul. Through the difficult challenges I’ve gone through last year, He was always there holding me tight, never letting go of me. In those moments when I doubted His love and promises, He proved Himself faithful in many amazing, mind-blowing ways.

My journey to growth and maturity is far from over, but I can confidently say that the dark moments I’ve gone through last year had helped me become a better version of myself. At least that’s how I feel, haha!

I still get hurt, of course, when people seem to ignore me or not give me the attention I want from them, but now I believe it has nothing to do with my worth and value as a person, especially as a child of God. My identity is in Jesus. I am loved by Him no matter what. There’s nothing I can do or not do that could make Him love me less. Therefore, there should be nothing that anyone can do or not do that could make me think less of myself.

I believe the many ways I experienced His love last year made me clearly see how precious I am in His sight. I believe you are too, my friend. Whatever you’ve gone through or are still going through, hold on tight to God’s word and promises. Last new year, the promise verse I received from God was in Romans 8:28:

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

Indeed, God has caused all things to work for good even though the storms have not completely died down yet. Through the storms, I have seen God’s hands moving and I can’t help but be in awe of His wonderful, mighty, amazing ways of showing me how much He cares for me.

So take heart, my friend. The journey isn’t over yet. There’s more to come, I believe.

Hold on tight. Someone’s got you, and He will never let you go.

He will never, ever let us go!!! Just hold on and believe in the faithfulness of the ONE who holds our future! 😊

So going back to being grateful, allow God to show you the many reasons you can be grateful in life instead of feeling down or feeling hopeless. His love, grace, and presence are more than enough reasons for us to live life with a grateful heart – that’s one of the many things I’ve come to realize in 2018.

Things around us will change. People around us will change. Circumstances change. Hence, we shouldn’t rely on those things we see to give us joy, peace, or security in life. Only in Jesus can we find the true essence of being whole and complete; nothing or no one else in this world can. Not even close.

So be grateful for the things and people you have in your life right now. Thank God for blessing you with such loving and understanding family and friends. Cherish the gifts of relationships God has gifted you with and stop looking for validation from others who don’t see your true value! It’s not their role anyway to make you feel validated or make you feel good about yourself. No one else can satisfy that longing in our hearts except Jesus.

Remember, you are you because of WHO you have, WHO made you and how HE designed you to be, not because of what others think of you or how they treat you or mistreat you.

So what is gratefulness for me?

Gratefulness is seeing the good from the bad, the beauty from being broken and thanking God for blessing us with what we have regardless of the absence of the things we strongly desire to achieve or possess.