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Those Days

Gone were those days when you seemed to be deeply and madly in love with me

When I saw love in the way you looked at me

When I felt it in your tender and warm embrace

Gone were those days…

Gone were those days….


Those were the days when with just one kiss you made my day complete

When I could let time pass just thinking of you and me growing old together happily

When time seemed to be flying so fast whenever we go together for an evening walk

Those were the days…

Those were the days…


Now all I have left are the memories of you and me

Memories of both the good and bad times we spent together

Like dancing to the tune of a famous song only the two of us could hear

Or talking about sensitive issues that we needed to deal with peacefully

Gone were those days…

Gone were those days…


But even though those days were gone, the memories we shared together remain

They will probably remain a part of me as long as I live

And even though we will spend the rest of our lives apart

I am thankful to God still because once in my life I had you

And because those days I had you were one of the happiest moments of my life.


And though losing you was probably one of the most painful experiences I ever had

Those days of sorrow and overwhelming pain brought me closer to the heart of God

And made me realize that my identity should not be defined by what or who I have

But by who I really am in the sight of God – HIS PRECIOUS CHILD!

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Privacy, please!

I’ve heard of them before, but today was my first time to use a toilet without a door to give me privacy while doing my personal stuff. “They’re not very particular about their privacy here,” I said to my friend.

I’ve been spared from using these for almost 3 years now. I thought I would never have to get into one of those “no-privacy” toilets, but last week (while on a weekend trip) I had no choice but to use it – not only once, but twice!

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.”

So I would say, “One has not truly been to China if one hadn’t used the ‘no-privacy’ squatty potties.” 😂

Guilty as charged, I did tell myself before that I would never get into one of those squatty potties. But left with no other options, I wasn’t able to avoid it. That’s why they say, “Never say never!” Haha…