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He Always Does!

When life becomes difficult we tend to run away or hide

We tend to find escape and not confront reality

Our problems sometimes disable us from thinking straight

And our struggles cripple us from doing what is right.


When life gets tough we become easily discouraged

And for some reason, we feel alone and helpless

We feel hopeless when all we see around us is darkness

When there’s no sign of light in the seemingly endless tunnel of life’s difficulties.


When we are confronted with overwhelming trials and challenges

We tend to forget that we are not fighting the battle alone

We tend to forget that SOMEONE promised to always see us through

That HE will never abandon us and that HE knows His plans for me and you.


Now that the NEW YEAR has finally started, may we be reminded that we are never alone in this battle called LIFE

Because we have a faithful FATHER who will always see us through

We have a loyal FRIEND who will always be by our side

And we have a sovereign LORD who holds our future in His hands.


So let’s not worry TOO MUCH about tomorrow

Let’s not fear TOO MUCH what the future holds

Rather, let’s trust HIM who has always been faithful

And enjoy life knowing that SOMEONE’s got our back, He always does! 😉



A dreamer. A wanderer. A teacher/learner. A daughter. A sister. A friend. And a sinner saved by grace through faith. 😉

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