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He Who Completes Me

My heart longs to be accepted; to belong;

But I guess my heart belongs to You alone;

For I’ve been searching…

…been wanting to feel accepted

…been waiting to belong

…been hoping to get noticed

But found no one who can make me feel complete.


But today You reminded me that Your love is great

So great that it can actually overwhelm and satisfy my soul

Every time loneliness strikes and insecurities creep in…

…when I feel like there’s no one I can trust and depend on

…when I feel that despite having people around me I still feel alone

…when I’m not certain about who would stick with me through thick and thin

Your unfailing love fills my heart with joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.


So to You alone I will continue to fix my gaze

I will find my completeness in Your presence, not in temporary sources of happiness

I will put my trust in Your faithfulness alone, not in frailty human beings like me

Help me long for no more than the unconditional love only You can give…

…the only LOVE that can fill my heart with joy beyond compare

…the only LOVE that can truly satisfy the longings of my heart

…the only LOVE that can make me feel complete!


A dreamer. A wanderer. A mentor. A teacher. A learner. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A sinner saved by grace through faith and now a daughter of the King of kings. 😉

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