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Dahil Hindi Ka Na Malaya!

Hindi pa nga tayo nagkakilala, tapos na kaagad ang ating storya;
Kasi nga noong tayo’y nagtagpo, sa puso mo’y may nagmamay-ari na;
Kaya paano pa akong aasa na baka bukas pwedeng maging tayo;
E kung kahapon pa lang nawala na yung pag-asa kong mapapansin mo rin ako.

Sadya nga bang mapaglaro ang tadhana?
Para pagtagpuin tayong dalawa sa panahong ika’y may mahal ng iba;
Kahit gustuhin man ng puso kong ipagpatuloy na mahalin ka;
Sigaw ng isip ko, “Hindi tama kasi may mahal na siyang iba.”

Paano ko pipigilan ang pusong hindi mahulog ng tuluyan sayo?
Kung sa tuwing nakikita ka, ninanais ng pusong sa hinaharap ay ikaw ang makasama;
Paano ko tuturuan ang sariling iwaksi ka sa isipan ko?
Kung maging sa aking mga panaginip ikaw lagi ang nakikita ko.

Sadya nga bang malupit lang ang tadhana sa akin o sadyang hindi ka sa akin nakatadhana?
Kasi nakakainis isiping dumating ka nga sa panahong handa na akong umibig ulit pero hindi naman kita pwedeng mahalin na;
Bakit ka pa nga ba dumating sa buhay ko kung masasawi lang naman ulit ako?
Paano ko isasara ang puso para hindi na ulit ako masaktan ng ganito?

Hay, ang buhay nga naman talaga!
Minsan nakakainis, minsan nakakatawa;
Kung kailan nananahimik ako, biglang dumating ka;
Kaso nga lang “taken” ka na kaya wala na akong magagawa kundi turuan ang pusong kalimutan ka.

Paalam, Ginoong “Muntikan Na.”
Dahil hindi ka na malaya!

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A Bowl of Comfort

I’ve been under the weather for few days now. And when I’m ill, I become the exact opposite of being brave because I get scared of many things…

…scared of seeing a doctor,

…scared of the thought that I might be having something serious,

…scared of the idea that they might need to do some lab tests and I have to face those scary needles (again),

…scared of being told that I need to stay in the hospital for some needed treatment.

In short, I hate being sick (and I think everybody does)! But once in a while I do get sick. And today was one of those days when I needed to be brave and face my fears. I actually didn’t want to see a doctor today, but my friends insisted that I should go, at least to our school clinic, after I threw up.

Just as I feared, they drew out blood to run some tests. Thankfully, the results were fine. Everything looked normal. So I was advised to just rest and drink lots of water.

Yes, I do hate being sick, but it’s also a time when I become more grateful to God for the people around me. I thank God for friends and colleagues who are always willing and ready to provide care and support such as subbing for my classes, going with me to the doctor, checking on me from time to time, doing my laundry, providing me with things I need like medicine or meals, etc. The care I receive from them is like a bowl of soup that provides just the right comfort I need in times like this.

I thank God that I always find home away from home through friends who stick around through thick and thin, through my ups and downs, through my good days and bad ones.

I thank God that even in times of sicknesses and other life’s challenges, there’s always a reason to smile and face each day grateful and hopeful;

…there’s always a reason to face each new day bravely because we are never alone in whatever battle we are facing!

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The Climb

One of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of pedestrian is “a person walking on foot: walker.”

The photo above shows people walking on foot on their way to the highest tower of the Badaling area of the Great Wall.

The climb to that highest tower wasn’t easy. That specific path that led us to the highest tower was very steep. But I saw kids and elderlies alike taking that path in order to reach the highest tower. Seeing those people making their way to the top reminded me of what some of my students told me during my first year here in China – “You’re not a true hero if you haven’t been to the Great Wall.” They might have said it in a different way, but that’s how I remembered it. 😄

So I wonder if that’s the reason why Chinese people, including my students, really desire to visit the Great Wall. 😎