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Who’s Who?

It’s that time of the year again when new teachers come to replace those who left. That means new colleagues, new neighbors, new friends-to-be, and probably for some, new prospects for girlfriend-to-be or boyfriend-to-be. 😄

Also, at this time of the year, two kinds of people are easily observed – first, those who can easily remember names and second, those who can’t remember who’s who.

I’m good at remembering names (I don’t mean to brag; just stating a fact 😄 ) so I don’t have a problem figuring out who’s who most of the time. Sometimes I do forget also, but most of the time I don’t.

Today, I had a chat with a new teacher who said that he has a problem not only with remembering names but also with remembering whether or not he had already met a certain person. One example he shared with us was an experience he had back in college. One day, after a class, he went to an ice cream shop with his classmates. Minutes later, a certain professor came in and had ice cream and a short chat with them. When the professor left, he asked his classmates, “Who’s that?” His classmates told him that he was a professor at their school. Then he asked them, “Are we in his class?” And one of his classmates said, “We just had our class with him. You already forgot?

And they probably had a good laugh. 😂

It must be hard to be in his shoes.

Anyway, what about you? How good (or bad) are you at remembering people’s names and faces? What are your most unforgettable experiences (the funny ones perhaps) when it comes to figuring out who’s who? 😊😉



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