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Who’s Who?

It’s that time of the year again when new teachers come to replace those who left. That means new colleagues, new neighbors, new friends-to-be, and probably for some, new prospects for girlfriend-to-be or boyfriend-to-be. 😄

Also, at this time of the year, two kinds of people are easily observed – first, those who can easily remember names and second, those who can’t remember who’s who.

I’m good at remembering names (I don’t mean to brag; just stating a fact 😄 ) so I don’t have a problem figuring out who’s who most of the time. Sometimes I do forget also, but most of the time I don’t.

Today, I had a chat with a new teacher who said that he has a problem not only with remembering names but also with remembering whether or not he had already met a certain person. One example he shared with us was an experience he had back in college. One day, after a class, he went to an ice cream shop with his classmates. Minutes later, a certain professor came in and had ice cream and a short chat with them. When the professor left, he asked his classmates, “Who’s that?” His classmates told him that he was a professor at their school. Then he asked them, “Are we in his class?” And one of his classmates said, “We just had our class with him. You already forgot?

And they probably had a good laugh. 😂

It must be hard to be in his shoes.

Anyway, what about you? How good (or bad) are you at remembering people’s names and faces? What are your most unforgettable experiences (the funny ones perhaps) when it comes to figuring out who’s who? 😊😉

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A Lesson from the Cursed Tree

When I read about the fig tree being cursed in Mark 11:12-14

I thought to myself, “It doesn’t make sense.”

The Bible says that it wasn’t the season for figs yet

So why did You curse the fig tree for not bearing fruits?


It really bothered me for a while, that’s for sure

It really doesn’t make sense at all,” I murmured

Then the next few verses explained the lesson behind Your decision

But still, I thought, “What’s the connection of these all?


I needed time to process and understand what You meant

Why would You cause a fig tree to die to teach Your disciples about faith?

It wasn’t the fault of the tree in the first place because it wasn’t time for figs yet

So I really thought cursing that fig tree was unjust and absurd.


Then after some time it dawned on me that I was focusing on the unnecessary

I guess teaching Your disciples was more important than keeping a tree alive

Then I realized that life is more or less something like that actually

Sometimes we need to make sacrifices to make way for a better and lasting outcome or legacy.

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Where Nations Meet

The title of this week’s Photo Challenge is Corner.” According to BEN HUBERMAN:

Merriam-Webster defines “corner” as, among other things, “the point where converging lines, edges, or sides meet.” I also like looking at it from the opposite direction: corners are where lines, objects, and people go their separate ways. A corner is literally a turning point, full of tension and potential.

So for this week’s Photo Challenge, I’d like to feature a corner where nations meet.


I took this photo on our way to the 8th Tower (the highest part of the Great Wall at Badaling) of the North Side of the Great Wall. For me, each tower of the Great Wall is a corner where nations meet. On this recent trip to the Great Wall, I met a Russian family.  I also saw lots of people from different countries like India, Pakistan, America, etc.

Last year, when I first visited the Great Wall at Mutianyu, I met people from Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and America. Truly, the Great Wall as a whole is a corner of the world where nations meet with Chinese people, history, and culture for an hour or so before they each go their separate ways.

According to Chairman Mao, “Until you reach the Great Wall, you’re no hero.” So I guess it’s just right to say that I am not just a hero but a superhero because I’ve been to the Great Wall twice. 😉 🙂

Kidding aside, here are some photos I took on my trip to the Great Wall at Badaling last month:





You can also visit these sites for more information about the Great Wall:


May you all have a wonderful week ahead! Till next time. 🙂