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It Ended Before It Could Even Begin

Not the typical guy

John Stills was not the typical guy Jane would normally like

But there was something in John that drew her to him somehow

Every time she sees him, there’s a feeling of lightness, a sense of calmness

“Perhaps his smile?” asked Jane to herself in wonder.

The glancing and blushing

Not long after they first met they were invited to a common friend’s party

There Jane couldn’t help but notice John’s constant glancing at her while she was dancing with  her friends

Her friends noticed it too and teased her till she blushed which heightened the teasing, the giggling, the laughing

Yet before the party ended, John finally mustered enough courage and asked for her number which she gladly and eagerly gave.

Hi! Hello! How are you?

The next couple of weeks became days of constant text messaging

“Hi!” “Hello!” “How are you?” were the common messages each would receive

Jane could not believe still that John might be also interested in something more than just being friends

And she got herself carried away by her daydreams of one day becoming Mrs. Stills.

The Sudden Change

But one day Jane had to fly home for some important matters that needed her attention

John promised her that when she gets back they will meet again and he will cook something for her

So Jane expected that John would keep in touch and would wait for her return

But a month had passed and John did not even text her to ask how she was.

The Reason

So Jane wondered why John did not even care to ask how she was doing

She couldn’t think of a reason that might have made him be mad at her

“I couldn’t find any reason for his sudden silence,” sighed Jane while wondering what must have happened in her absence

And then one day Jane found out through a friend that John met a new girl named Janice, and he has been seeing her, so it seemed.

Jane’s Decision?

“Well, what else can I do?” asked Jane, “But to forget about John and move on.”

“I guess guys are just like that – they move on easily and forget quickly,” muttered Jane in dismay

“It’s such a shame though,” said Jane.

“It ended before it could even begin.”


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